Signing documents from a desktop
  • 21 Dec 2023
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Signing documents from a desktop

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LegalZoom eSignature service makes signing a document simple, smooth, and quick. All the signers assigned to the document will receive an email with a link to open and sign the document.

Follow these steps to sign the document from a desktop:

  1. Open the e-signature request mail sent to your email address.
    This email contains a unique and secure link to a document that is intended solely for your use. Please do not share this email or the document link with others.
  2. Click the Sign document button. The document will open in a new browser tab, where the signer can begin signing.
    The Sign document button with the document link in an email for the signer to begin the signing process.

  3. Begin signing by providing your consent to sign the document electronically. To do so, click the Checkbox at the top banner that says, “I agree to sign this document electronically as per the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure and Agreement.”An 'I agree' checkbox to obtain the signer's consent to sign the document electronically with LegalZoom.

    Note: If you wish to decline to sign the document, click the More () icon on the top-right corner of the screen and click Decline.
    LegalZoom lets the signer reject signing a document by clicking the Decline option inside the More icon in the document.

  4. Click the Start signing button on the top banner.

  5. Follow the Fill this label to enter information in the Checkbox or Text tags; if the sender has added these tags while preparing the document.

  6. Follow the Sign here label to each signature placeholder in the document and add your e-signature.
    In LegalZoom, follow the Fill this & Sign here labels to fill out the document and place your electronic signature.

  7. Choose your signature type from the following three options:
    • Text: In this method, type your name exactly as you want it to appear in your e-signature and choose from six pre-formatted styles provided by LegalZoom.
      Type your name and add an e-signature to the document by selecting a pre-formatted style in LegalZoom.

    • Draw:In this method, draw your signature on the screen with the help of a mouse or touchpad. When signing from a mobile or a tablet, draw the signature using your finger or a digital pen.
      Draw your signature with a touchpad and add the e-signature to the document in LegalZoom.

    • Upload: In this method, place your signature on a piece of paper, scan it, and upload the image. This method helps you to add your handwritten signature to the document.
      Convert a handwritten signature to an electronic signature by uploading the file to LegalZoom.

  8. After selecting your signature type, click the Adopt Signature button to place the signature on the document.

  9. Click the Finish signing button on the top banner to complete the signing process.


After all the assigned signers complete signing the document, both the sender and the signer will receive a PDF copy of the following three documents via email for their records:

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