eSignature credits consumption
  • 24 Nov 2023
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eSignature credits consumption

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Article Summary

This article is applicable only if you have subscribed to our eSignature Starter or eSignature Plus plan before Nov 6, 2023, as it explains how the Signature credits are counted in your plan. 
  • Every time you send a document for eSignature, you consume one eSignature from your plan.
  • If you send a single document to multiple signers, it is still counted as one eSignature.
  • If the signature process is not completed for any of the following reasons, the eSignature will still be counted as consumed:
    • The email was undelivered due to an incorrect email address;
    • The signer declines to sign;
    • The signer takes no action on the document, and it expires; or
    • The signer requests changes, therefore, requiring the sender to send another version;
    • The sender deletes the document.
  • If you choose to change your eSignature plan in the middle of your current plan’s billing cycle, any remaining eSignatures from your current plan will not be credited to the new plan.

Please keep track of your remaining eSignature credits under your plan to avoid running out of credits unexpectedly.

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