Customizing a document created from LegalZoom form templates
  • 05 Apr 2024
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Customizing a document created from LegalZoom form templates

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Article summary

To customize your document, click the Edit button at the top of the screen.

Click the Edit button on any document created from a template to customize it with the help of LegalZoom's rich editor.

This will open our rich editor with features to personalize your document according to your requirements. Edit the format, color, font, and content. Add new text, tables, and images.


Note: Points to remember while editing a document
  • Editing a document removes any signer details you may have already added. You can add them back once you’re done editing.
  • Changing the text can affect how documents operate, including how they may hold up in court. We recommend consulting an attorney if you have questions about any edits. Get legal guidance from a member of our attorney network by clicking the Get legal advice button on the top of the screen.

Features of the rich editor

The rich editor has two parts:

  1. Document blocks
  2. Document editor

With LegalZoom's Document blocks, add new text, tables, & images. Edit the format, color, font, & content of the document.

  1. Document blocks: Use this section to add more elements and personalize your document. For example, if you wish to add a new clause, policy, or any details pertaining to your company, you can do so with the help of Document blocks. Here are the different blocks you can add to your document: 
    • Text: Use this block to add more text information to the document, such as clauses, conditions, etc.
    • Table: Use this block to convey complex information, like pricing or working hours, in an easy manner, by adding them in a tabular format.
    • Image: Use this block to add a visual representation of some information, like employee photos, property photos, etc., depending upon your document’s need.
    • Page break: Use this block to split the document into multiple pages.
    • Empty space: Use this block to add spaces between paragraphs in the document.
  2. Document editor: Your editable document is placed on the document editor, which can be used to update any existing or newly added block content. Using the document editor features, you can:
    • Change text style, font, and font size
    • Convert text to bold, italics, or underlined
    • Change the text color or add a text highlight color
    • Change the text alignment or line spacing
    • Add a checklist, bullets, or numbers
    • Change the text indentation
    • Undo or redo your last changes

Customizing with document blocks

Here’s how you can utilize the document blocks to customize your document: 

1. Adding a new document block

To add a new block, go to the Document blocks section on the right. Drag and drop any block on the document and start filling in relevant details. 

To insert a new block, drag and drop any document block on the document and add the relevant details.

You can also add a new block by clicking the + symbol inside the document and selecting a block of your choice.


2. Editing a block

When you select a block in the document, the document editor allows you to change the font, font style, font size, and text alignment. You can also format content with numbered or bulleted lists and table-related changes, among other editing capabilities.


3. Rearranging a block

You can rearrange a block and change its placement in the document. To do so, hover over the block and click the Move icon. Next, drag and drop the block anywhere on the document. 

Within a document, rearrange a block, make a copy of it, or delete the block in just a click.

4. Copying a block

To copy a block along with its contents, hover over the block and click the Copy icon. A duplicate block will be created below the original block. You can further place it anywhere on the document. 


5. Deleting a block

If you wish to delete a block, hover over the block and click the Delete icon. 


6. Adding a header and footer

To add a header to your document, double-click on the top of the document page. Likewise, to add a footer, double-click on the bottom of the document page. In the header and footer, you can use document blocks and add your company name, logo, page number, etc. 

With LegalZoom's rich editor, you can use Document blocks to add a header and footer to your document.

7. Adding a cover page

In Document blocks, go to Document Styling, and turn on the Cover page toggle button to add a colorful first page to your document that explains the document’s contents, like the document title, party details, etc. 

You can also select and customize a theme for your cover page by exploring a wide range of theme options provided by LegalZoom. 

Personalize your document by adding a cover page. Select from a wide range of theme options provided by LegalZoom.

Exiting the editor

Once you have completed editing the document, click the Finish editing button on the top-right corner to exit the edit mode. 


After editing the document, you can download the document for your reference. Or, you can add signers to your document and send the document for e-signature

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