Canceling the document signature request for the signer
  • 22 Nov 2023
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Canceling the document signature request for the signer

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Article Summary

You can cancel the e-signature request by disabling the document link for the signer. This is the process of withdrawing a document from signing. This feature will be handy in many cases, including when:

  • There is an error in the document.
  • The document was sent to an incorrect email address.
  • The document needs an update.
You can do this for documents that have already been sent for e-signature but haven’t been signed yet.

Follow these steps to cancel a document:

  1. Log in to your LegalZoom account.
  2. Go to Documents in the left navigation bar.
  3. Click eSignature under it.
  4. Go to the All files section.
  5. Select and open the document you want to cancel.
  6. Click Cancel document on the top of the document. A confirmation window will appear.
  7. Click Cancel document to disable the link or click Back to exit the current process.


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